The list of recommended accounting software for individuals and small businesses

Software are a great help nowadays when at the age of technological advancement. As it now covers many aspect of everyday life, business or research it is advantageous to know some that we can use. If it will let us be more efficient and productive then it is a good one to invest in. thankfully there are those who comes free that you can use and even download it so that you can use offline. Today let us concentrate on software for business use.

The list includes GnuCash. It is simple to use in bookkeeping and receive high recommendation as best software for accounting. It is good for small businesses and covers broad area of accounting like invoicing, accounts payable and receivable, payroll and expenses. That makes it great to use. Next is Money Manager Ex that is full of features that can compete with a premium software and designed well for small businesses and home use for its simplicity and easy to use.

Another accounting software is TurboCASH good also for SMBs and Wave that is recommended to freelancers. Or the NCH Express Invoice, VT Cash Book, Invoice Expert, Adminsoft Accounts, QuickFile and Apache OpenOffice. All of these accounting software is recommended for individuals and small to medium enterprises. For beginners who want to learn fisrt you can use the softwares above.