Business survivors: companies that exist more than a century

Being in the business is not easy as the market can change and the preference of people. There are companies that have died for existing for only twenty years but there are those who have overcome the century of operation. Today let us take an overview of them. Let us start with the company Procter and Gamble (P&G). It started in making candles and soap until it manufactured different kinds of product like make up and batteries since it was established in 1837.

It has now many facilities that concentrate on developing new products and innovations employing scientists.

Next company is IBM that has survived and adding years to the 100 years of operation. When they started they first sold equipment like punch card machines for attendance and coffee grinders. But in the mid-1900s they explore into computer business that flourish until now. Next is the company Crayola. The company was first known as Binney & Smith Co. Eventhough it focus on one product but they have explored many kinds of it that makes them undefeatable like the washable crayons. More beauty tips from this company. You can view 診所 about this agency guys. This is one of the best beauty service.

Next is general electric that is now running with 122 years of operation. The company is involved in diversified investments like airplanes, computer making and health care. Ford motor company that is the top seller of auto that was established and reached 107 years.